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Great Ways to Earn Money from Anywhere

If there is one thing I have learned since I got my first job at 18, its that you could always use a little extra money, especially around the first of the month when it seems like every bill is due. This past year, I did a lot of research on  different ways to earn a little extra money in order to be able to do all the things I enjoy, such as traveling, eating at restaurants, etc., and I have come across some great sites that have definitely helped me with my finances. While none of these are get-rich quick tools, a few extra dollars here and there can really add up if you budget correctly you can start putting the money you earn through any of these methods towards something big, such as an amazing vacation!

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1. Online Survey Sites

Some of these sites can pay up to $5 a survey, but the average is around $1 and if you go online at least once a day you can easily make about $10-$15 a month. My favorite is Survey Savvy because the surveys tend to be worth more money. Survey Savvy also has a program called SavvyConnect where you install software on your computer or smartphone and can earn money for simply browsing the web as you would normally do! Another good site is Opinion Outpost, but its a little harder to earn enough points to cash out on Outpost. Another consideration is that while Survey Savvy pays you via a check sent to your home address, with Opinion Outpost you earn points that can be redeemed towards Paypal credit, which takes less time, but Survey Savvy has a lower threshold for withdrawing your earnings.

2. Amazon Mechanical turk

While it may be tedious to sift through all the available tasks on this site, if you are willing to take the time you can earn pretty good money. Much like any other task, the amount you earn is proportional to the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in. The most I earned in one month was a little over $30 and I wasn’t on the site every day, but I did spend a decent amount of time on it on the days I did log in, but this is still a pretty good way to earn extra cash, and the nice part is there is no minimum to withdraw your earnings if you already have an Amazon account!

3. Multipurpose Reward Sites

These are sites where you can earn in a variety of ways such as surveys, earning points for online shopping purchases, entering sweepstakes, and even just watching videos. I currently use three of these sites: Inbox DollarsCash Crate and Swagbucks both of which have their ups and downs. Cash Crate  and Inbox Dollars mail you a check for your earnings, but you have to earn at least $20 for CC and $30 for ID before they will let you cash out, so you have to work for a while before you will be able to get paid and it takes a little while for them to process your cash out request. Swagbucks has the option of turning your points into cash via Paypal(or you can use the points for gift cards), but you also must earn a certain number of points for each Paypal reward level. Swagbucks is by far my favorite site that I use to earn money because there are so many different ways to earn and they are constantly giving out bonuses for all kinds of different things. Right now they are even doing a special where if you sign up throughthis link and earn 300 Swagbucks(the equivalent of $3) before the end of the month, you will earn a bonus 300 Swagbucks to your account! So get out there and start earning!

4. Online Transcribing

If you have a good ear and some extra time on your hands, working as a transcriber can be a good way to earn extra cash. is a great site to earn extra money with, but transcribing can also be time consuming. Make sure if you decide to work as a transcriber that you aren’t wasting too much time on one transcription or it won’t really be worth the money. I personally hated transcribing because its very monotonous work and takes a great deal of time, but I have friends that swear by it as a way of supplementing their income.

5. Sell your things or things you make

Whether its selling clothes you don’t wear to Plato’s Closet, selling your old books on Amazon, or selling unique crafts on you can make good money selling things you don’t need any more, while also getting some of the clutter out of your house or apartment. Personally, I have always bought my school textbooks through Amazon as cheap as possible and have sometimes been able to sell them back for a profit, so this a great option for all you college students! Another option is always to go the old-fashioned route and have a garage sale if you have a larger amount of items to get rid of, or for large items like furniture, list them on craigslist at a competitive price and you can usually get rid of them quickly!

6. Work as a Tutor

Whether you get jobs through word of mouth, or by signing up for a site like Wyzant (which I use and recommend to new tutors) you can earn as much as $25 an hour for tutoring. Using a website at first is a great way to build your clientele and then after you have established students, you can start getting jobs from referrals made by your students. If you are living in a foreign country or speak a language fluently, a great way to earn money and meet people is to offer private language classes. I know many TESL teachers use tutoring to supplement their income and its definitely the type of job you can do anywhere.
There are plenty of other ways to earn extra money, such as apps like Ibotta where you earn money through rebates on common items like milk and eggs, or apps like Loot where you earn money for posting to social media accounts, but the ways I have listed are what I consider to be the best and most worthwhile options and are all things I have personally tried as methods of supplementing my income. Many of these can be done from anywhere so they are particularly useful if, like me, you do a lot of traveling! Feel free to comment if you have any questions comments or concerns!
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