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The Best Lightweight Luggage

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Before my big move to Manchester from Florida back in September, I decided to invest in a good set of lightweight luggage. I decided that I preferred to take a lot of clothing and even bedding with me rather than have to buy it in the UK, so I needed a luggage set that would allow me to maximize the amount of stuff I could take within the 50 pound (23kg) weight limit. After doing a lot of online research and shopping around I chose the IT Luggage Mega Lite Luggage Spinner Collection 3 Piece Set.

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Important Questions about this Luggage Set:

Why did you chose this particular suitcase set?

As I said above, my biggest concern was weight. The IT set includes a 28 inch case, a 26 inch case, and a 20 inch carry-on with the largest one weighing in under 6lbs. The best part: I got the 3 piece set for only $150 on Amazon. In comparison, the Samsonite lightweight suitcase I was looking at cost $175+ for a single 25 inch suitcase and weights nearly 10lbs. After reading the reviews of each and talking to friends who have own both brands, I determined that the Samsonite cases are a little more durable, but that the issues of being overweight is a real concern for those who travel with them. With that in mind, I decided on the IT Luggage set.

Is it too big, too small or just right?

The best part about this set is that you get the three suitcases in different sizes and can use them for different things. The largest bag is great for longer travel where you need everything but the kitchen sink, the medium bag is good for shorter trips where you still need to pack a lot of items, but not necessarily everything you own, and the carry-on is perfect for trips that are less than a week, unless you are a minimalist packer, in which case you can probably use this bag for longer trips.

Spinner or roller?

Spinner, which was a really important feature for me as it makes moving around baggage claim with multiple bags much easier.

What features of this luggage do you love? Is there anything you would change or improve?

I love that these bags are so lightweight. When I was packing for my move to the UK I packed almost everything I would need from heavy sweaters and long pants to sheets, a comforter, and pillows, plus toiletries to last 3 months and the 28 inch bag, all but bursting at the seams, was still only 48lbs. Unless you literally fill an entire suitcase with rocks you will likely never have to worry about going over the weight limit with these bags. 

One thing I would change is that I would add an expand on to the bags solely to make zipping them up a little easier. Also, while I like how portable the carry-on bag is, it is a bit too small for my tastes so I think I would have preferred a slightly larger carry-on bag that still meets most airline requirements.

Can you carry on any of the cases?

The smallest one meets all domestic and international carry-on requirements and, as an added bonus, is easy to lift into overhead bins due to its lightweight design and sturdy handles.

What sort of trip is this set ideal  for?

I think as a set, these cases are great for someone making a big move like I did where you want to take as much stuff as you can with you to avoid having to ship things or buy them on arrival. Individually, I think the larger two bags are also ideal for a long-term trip where you will be based in one location, not for a nomadic style of travel. The smallest bag is easily the most versatile. Since it is so small and lightweight, I think this bag can work for nomads and businessmen alike.
Overall, the IT Luggage Mega Lite Luggage Spinner Collection 3 Piece Set was a great investment for my big move and I would definitely recommend it for someone in a similar situation. You can also purchase the 28 inch, 26 inch, and 20 inch suitcases separately if you do not desire the full set.
Now I am not claiming to be a luggage professional, but from one misguided millennial to the world, this has been my take on lightweight luggage.

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