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Pinterest: The Ultimate Travel Planning Tool

Every traveler has the one tool that they couldn’t plan trips without. For some, its an excel spreadsheet for their itinerary planning and for others its a trusty notebook, but for me it’s my Pinterest boards. From long term destination ideas to country-specific advice to packing lists, Pinterest has everything I need. On my personal Pinterest account, I have a board for destinations I want to visit, one for travel hacks, one for packing tips and many more. I am completely addicted to Pinterest and love how useful it is for travel planning. These are all my tips and trips for using Pinterest for all your travel needs

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My Travel Boards

Pinterest has been helping me plan trips since long before I started blogging and since I started blogging, my account has helped even more. I have so many different boards for planning different aspects of trips and all the locations I want to visit! Some examples include:

  • One board for backpacking Europe
  • Two boards for packing lists and travel fashion
  • Several travel tips, hacks and idea boards.
  • Some dream destination specific boards
  • My wishlist board full of travel wallets, luggage tags, and other things I want for my travels
  • And tons more!

Why so many boards and not just a general “travel” board?

Having multiple boards is like having a separate folder for each class in school, it keeps things organized into categories you can work with. I personally spend more time than I should on Pinterest pinning stuff to my various boards. This means that I have an abundance of pins and if I were to combine all my travel pins into one board, it would be nearly impossible to find anything on it because I would constantly be scrolling through looking for a specific pin. By creating specific boards(and even sections within the boards) I can go to each as I need it and get the information I am looking for. There is considerable crossover between my boards obviously so I do have some pins on multiple boards, but that is a personal preference of mine.

How do Pinterest boards help with trip planning?

The Idea Stage

The most obvious way that Pinterest can help you plan is just to give you ideas. If you know you want to go to Europe, or Asia or South America, but aren’t sure of exact destinations, just scroll through Pinterest for a 20 minutes and you can find countless sample itineraries, comments on different destinations, and amazing photos that will make you want to add those places to your itinerary.

My “Places I’d Like to Go” board was my first travel board and is still the one I pin to the most frequently. Any time I see a picture of somewhere cool or a pin about somewhere I want to go someday, but not for a specific trip, I pin it to this board. Then, when I am looking for ideas for trips, I go scroll through and get ideas. This board serves as a travel bucket list of sorts for me.

Early Planning Stage

This is probably one of the more stressful parts of trip planning and I think Pinterest has played a major role in alleviating some of my stress when planning recent trips. I define the “early planning stage” as the point in planning where you are finalizing you itinerary and about to begin booking flights, hotels, etc. Obviously this stage involves a lot of logistics and budgeting so its an important stage in the process.

I have two types of boards that make this stage as easy as possible: my Travel hacks board and a trip specific board. The travel hacks board is where I will have pinned anything useful for traveling, but specifically pins about when its best to book flights, how to save money on different aspects of your trip, and anything else that looks helpful to me. This board is where I keep pins with information on different frequent flier programs, a helpful infographic on flight cost trends, and general planning pins. My trip-specific board is where I will pin things about the destinations I am looking at going to. For example, my Adventures in Hawaii board includes information on the different islands, advice on budgeting for a trip, and stuff like packing tips that came in handy as I got closer to the trip.

The Booking Stage

I don’t have a specific board that helps me with the process of actually booking a trip, but I often reference things I have pinned to find good deals on booking. There are countless pins explaining how to find the best deals on airfare(pro-tip: book on Tuesday afternoon), where to stay in different cities, and how much to budget. Looking at these pins and reading the associated articles can help you prepare to actually begin booking your trip and finalizing your itinerary.

How Pinterest helps with Packing

My least favorite part of a trip: packing. I hate it. As you all know, I really looking cute on trips and love having tons of outfit options. I loathe packing because I have to squeeze my outfit choices into what always feels like an impossibly small bag. I always think I need way more options than I can pack. In the past, I would pack an entire full-size suitcase for a 4 day trip. Thanks to Pinterest, I have been able to learn much better packing techniques.

My packing inspiration board is by and large the most useful travel board I have on Pinterest. Thanks to the advice and packing lists on it, I was able to go carry-on only for my 16 day trip over spring break. There is an endless supply of packing lists on Pinterest and they usually include graphics showing you all the different outfit combinations you can make and all you have to do is type a few details into the search bar like “Europe packing list 2 weeks” and you will get results that will make packing almost effortless! Packing tips for how to fit as much as possible into your bag are also all over Pinterest and I usually save them on multiple boards so they are always easy to find.

Tips for your Trip

On top of just helping with planning your destinations and packing, Pinterest is chock-full of destination specific tips that can be useful once you arrive as well. There are pins for specific cities and countries that include information on the weather, tipping rules, useful words and phrases in the native language, table manners, greeting rules, and all kinds of other information that is endlessly helpful when you are in a strange place.

Pins like this one about Croatia are one of my favorite ways to learn about a destination before a trip. I will often search them out for each country I am visiting on a trip and I will write down the keys points for each country and a few of the useful phrases listed(not visible in this photo).

Pinterest as a Planning Tool

If it hasn’t become clear by now, I am a bit of a Pinterest-addict so I may be a little biased, but I consider Pinterest to be a Traveler’s best friend when it comes to trip planning. It is where I look for inspiration for future trips, the first place I go once I have a destination in mind, and the ultimate guide to packing for a trip. Feel free to go check out The Misguided Millennial on Pinterest and follow along for great travel pins and prepare to become as addicted to Travel pins as I am!

From one misguided millennial to the world, I hope you all enjoy these tips and can use them to plan your next adventure!

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