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How to Find the Perfect Airbnb

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One of the most rapidly growing forms of accommodation for travelers is Airbnb. For those who aren’t aware, Airbnb is where “hosts” can rent out all or part of their home to travelers looking to experience a city like the locals. The perks of an Airbnb usually include access to a kitchen, a more “home-y” experience, and many hosts serve as valuable resources to tell you about the great city you are visiting. In addition, Airbnb’s are usually cheaper than hotels and afford you more privacy than a hostel. I arrived in Hawaii last night and y’all our Airbnb is AMAZING. It has a beautiful lanai with breathtaking views. The rooms are nice and spacious and it has a great living space. Now, how did we find this great space? By following all the tips below of course!

1. Photos matter!

I ALWAYS look at the photos of potential Airbnbs before choosing one. And I look closely. There are a few key things I want to see in pictures before I make my choice. I want to see the sleeping space to make sure its clean and livable, I want to see the bathroom to make sure it’s not gross, and I want to see the kitchen to make sure its workable if I am planning to cook meals on the trip. I also like to look at the photos to see what kinds of things appear to be provided. Does the Airbnb host leave towels for guests? Do the beds have enough pillows? I check for these things so I know what to expect ahead of time.

This is the awesome opening living space of our Airbnb here in Hawaii!

2. Location, Location, Location!

Where your Airbnb is located is extremely important. Is it close to public transit? Are you in the center of things? Is it easy to get there rom the airport? In a safe neighborhood? Can you get groceries nearby? All of these are important considerations when selecting the place you want to stay. You can choose to stay further from a city’s center, but you may end up losing money and time getting to the places you want to see. You want to make sure your Airbnb is the perfect combination of a good deal and a convenient location!

The Sunset from our lanai

3. Be Specific!

If you know exactly which area you want to be in, what dates you are traveling and more specifics that you want for your reservation, include them in your search! If you have specific needs, its important to consider them in your search. For example, if I am traveling with a bigger group and know I want to rent a full apartment or house not just a room, I search for that more specifically. Don’t waste your time on endless scrolling! Narrow down your search and save yourself time and energy. If you know you have an early flight out, maybe consider a place near the airport. If you are going for a longer trip and might need laundry access, search for that! It’s important to be specific in your needs so you get what you are looking for!

The amazing Lanai at our Airbnb, aptly named the Blue Lanai

Airbnb is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to book accommodation. I loved staying in one in Edinburgh two summers ago, this one in Hawaii is incredible AND I am staying at another this summer for a friend’s bachelorette party. If you haven’t tried out Airbnb yet, be sure to follow this link and get $40 off your first stay! Oh and if you want to know how I scored my cheap flight to Hawaii to stay in this AWESOME Airbnb in the first place, check out my hacks for finding cheap flights.

From one Misguided Millennial to the world, these have been my tips for finding a great Airbnb!

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