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Crafting The Perfect Plane Outfit: What to Wear on Your Next Flight

Packing for a trip can be time-consuming and difficult, but nothing quite compares to deciding what I am going to wear on the plane! I used to spend almost as much time on my plane outfit as I did on planning all my other outfits combined! This may sound crazy but there’s a lot to consider. For me, I call my deciding factors the three c’s: Climate-friendly, Comfortable, and Chic. I used to stress endlessly about what to wear on flights, but not anymore! The 3 C’s have helped me determine the anatomy of the perfect plane outfit. Now that I have a system, it’s easy to plane my plane outfit. This system hasn’t failed me yet so now it’s your turn to try it out!

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This is the C that is always the easiest to start with in my opinion. I like to consider the climate I’m leaving from, the airport/airplane climate, and the destination climate. If my start and end points are similar, I don’t have to worry too much about my outfit working in both hot and cold climates for example. If they are different(like when I fly between my parents place in Florida and my home in NYC) I will dress in layers. I’ll throw a tank top under my sweater or carry my favorite coat with me for when I land.

The airport and airplane climate is also an important consideration. I know that most flights(especially overnight flights) tend to vary in temperature a lot. I always opt for an outfit layers on these so I can adjust to the climate. As for airports, I know that the Orlando airport can get quite warm and that Manchester airport is almost always frigid. Knowing these things lets me plan my outfit to accommodate to the climate.


Comfort is the most important of the 3 C’s, especially on long-haul flights. Your outfit needs to be something you are comfortable sitting in for hours on end. You want soft, breathable materials that aren’t going to irritate your skin. I personally don’t like wearing anything super tight on flights either(except my compression socks). I tend to swell a lot when I’m flying so I opt for looser clothing for the sake of comfort.

Comfort should apply to your shoe choice as well. I like to wear my Nike sneakers or my favorite TOMs of the moment on most flights because they are comfortable and easy to get on and off at security. I will sometimes break my comfort rule to wear my Frye boots if they didn’t fit in my suitcase though.

This was a day I broke my “Toms or Sneakers” rule for my boots. They didn’t fit in the suitcase, but were still perfectly comfortable for the flight!


While I appreciate comfort on flights, especially overnight flights, I also do my best to always look cute on my travels. There have been days that I have rolled off a plane and went straight into sightseeing. I try to plan ahead for this and make sure my outfit is photo ready when I get off the plane. I try to find cute but comfortable tops (Target is great for these) and layer them with a cute cardigan(like this one). I like to pair that with either comfortable and cute leggings or my favorite pair of stretchy Gap Skinny jeans.

It is definitely possible to achieve a level of cute-ness with your outfit while maintaining your comfort. Opt for things that fit your body well but are made from soft, breathable fabrics. I personally LOVE Target’s T-Shirts for flights. They are soft and fit me in a super flattering way.

For this travel day, I opted for my gap skinny jeans and a long-sleeve t-shirt from target. It was cute and comfy!

My Perfect Plane Outfit

While it may change from trip to trip, I have one go-to plane outfit that is versatile enough to re-use. It starts with my compression socks to keep my circulation going during the flight(especially for long haul flights). From there, I add a pair of my favorite pocket leggings. I love these because they are both cute and comfortable, plus the pocket is a definite bonus! I will then throw on one my favorite Target T-shirts with my favorite open-front cardigan. For shoes, I have been leaning more towards my TOMS lately because they are just so comfortable and so easy at security, but I also love my little black keds from Target. All together, this creates the perfect level of cute, comfortable, and climate-friendly

Creating the perfect plane outfit is an art-form and I am still perfecting mine. What’s your go to airplane outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

From one Misguided Millennial to the world, I hope you find the perfect plane outfit!

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