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The Best Shoes for Travel

If someone made me choose between never buying new clothes for the rest of my life, or never shoe shopping again, I would immediately learn how sew my own clothes in order to not give up my love for shoes. One of my biggest issues when packing for a trip is limiting the number of shoes I am packing to a select few to save space(especially with my size 11 feet). I always want to look cute when travelling, and limiting my shoes can mess that up at times. As a result, I have a few staple pairs of shoes that I almost always pack for a trip due to their reliability and stylish looks!

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A Great Pair of Boots

I will talk all day about my how important a good pair of boots is. Before moving to the U.K. in 2015, I invested in a pair of Frye Boots and I have never looked back. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned and they are also very durable. Unlike the many pairs of cheap boots I had before them, my Frye boots have only minor wear on them and the leather is sill in great condition after 2.5 years. They are the perfect compliment to any fall outfit and transition well to winter.

Me in my Frye boots on the Cliffs of Moher
These Frye boots were amazing when I was wandering Hyde Park in London

While I love my Frye boots, I recognize that the cost makes them a bit inaccessible to most. If you are looking for great boots at a lower price, and are okay with ankle boots, I am in love with my TOMS ankle boots that I received as a Christmas Gift back in 2016. They aren’t as great for true cold weather because they don’t provide any warmth for your calves, but they are a great fall boot and are extremely comfortable. The pair I own have a small heel(similar here), but I can still wear them for hours and not have any trouble.

TOMS Shoes

Confession time: I own AT LEAST 15 pairs of TOMS right now in all varieties of colors. I have Rose Gold Glitter, all black Classics, and even some with Reindeer on them. They are comfortable, lightweight, versatile, and stylish. TOMS are my go to walking shoes when I’m traveling and the endless color and pattern options make it easy to find the perfect pair for your wardrobe! One of the best features is that the canvas pairs can even be thrown in the wash if they get dirty!

Start with a staple pair such as these black on black classics. From there, I recommend a dressier and fun pair such as these Ivory Glitter ones(I love these and they are as fun in person as they look online) or one of their crochet lace pairs (I have my eye on this pair of white mesh embroidered ones). If you are anything like me, one pair will be enough to get you hooked and soonenough you will own several pairs in solid colors as well as a few patterns, a pair of their boots, and even a a fun floral pair. If you are a TOMS lover or looking to invest in your first pair, you can get $20 off your purchase of TOMS when you follow this link and join their awesome rewards program!

Me in my black TOMS classics at the Petit Trianon in the Gardens of Versailles

Tieks Flats

When I first heard about Tieks, I’ll be honest, I laughed at the price. I thought “How could a paid of basic flats be worth THAT much?”, but let me tell you these are MAGIC. They are the only flats I have ever worn that dont give me blisters. They are comfortable and durable. I bought my first pair right before a 3 week trek through Europe with my Grandmother because the pair of flats I had originally bought for the trip gave me the worst blisters of my life when I was trying to break them in for the trip. I have now had them over 4 years and have added an additional three pairs to my collection thanks to various gift-giving holidays and generous family members.
Me in my first pair of Tieks on their inaugural Euro Trip

A Pair of Comfortable Sandals

Being from Florida, sandals are a major part of my wardrobe and it took me forever to find the perfect pair. My go to sandals are my Black Sam Edelman Gladiator Sandals (similar here). They are comfortable for walking and cute enough to transition well from day to night. While they are definitely more useful in the summer months, a realiable pair of sandals can do wonders for allowing you to switch up your wardrobe on a trip. They go with jeans, skirts, dresses, and shorts, and as I mentioned before, can work for either day or night.

Me in my favorite pair of Gladiator Sandals before a concert with friends.

Bonus Pair:

For those of you whose first concern is comfort rather than style, my most comfortable pair of shoes are my Vibrams Five Fingers shoes. I have shamelessly worn them everywhere from Russia to Los Angeles and while they garner some looks, they are extremely comfortable and great for my bad knees. If you are looking for function over form, I highly recommend them as an alternative to sneakers because they are AMAZING.

Me in my weird toe shoes in Versailles
IAmsterdam sign featuring me in my Vibrams
Chilling in front of Buckingham Palace not caring what people think of my weird shoes.

While I do sometimes switch up which shoes I take with me on trips, these staples are the first pairs I debate packing before I move on to pairs I am not as attached to. From one misguided millennial to the world, these have been my recommendations for the best travel shoes!

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