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The Best Cities in Europe to Visit in the Summer

Summer is consistently considered to be the peak travel season. The kids are out of school, the weather is nice, and it just seems to be the perfect time to take that trip you have been wanting to take for a while! Now, if that trip you are taking is to Europe, there are certain cities that are absolutely perfect for your summer travels. Some cities in Europe are perfect all year round, but certain ones shine a bit brighter in the summer. Many cities in Europe are notoriously full of tourists in the summer months. This does mean you tend to spend more money during these months and spend more time waiting in lines for different attractions. While crowded museums full of tourists may not be idle, for these cities in Europe, it is 100% worth to try to check them out during the summer months!

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Edinburgh is one of the most interesting cities in Europe and actually one of my favorites. It is full of amazing history, interesting pubs, and some of the best schwarma I have ever eaten. The reason you absolutely need to visit in the summer time has to do with the weather and the sunlight. Edinburgh is pretty far north so in the winter, it can be very cold and you also get very few hours of daylight. Now in the summertime, the northern position of the city affords you extra hours of sunlight and the warmer weather of the summer months let’s you enjoy the city and all of its beauty!

Top Recommendation: Be sure to go on a walking tour, but specifically a ghost tour! It’s super fun and shows you some really cool parts of the city!


I am currently spending my summer in Athens, but not the Greek one, the one in Georgia that is! I visited Athens, Greece back in the summer of 2014 and it was everything I imagined and more. Athens has so much rich history. It is home to the Acropolis, some amazing museums and great food! While hiking up to the acropolis in the July heat wasn’t my best idea, I still have my reasons for why Athens is a summer destination. One of my favorite parts of my visit to Athens was that almost every restaurant had outdoor seating! In the summer months, you can sit on the patio and enjoy your meal in the amazing weather!

Top Recommendation: Bring a good water bottle for your hike to the Acropolis! And visit the Acropolis museum after so you can cool down in their AC!


The six weeks I spent in Moscow were some of the best I have ever had and I think a big part of that was the summer weather! Now, I do prefer being too cold to being too hot, but Russian winters are legendary(just ask Napoleon). Even in the summertime, I still wore jeans and sweater most days in Moscow, but the cooler weather was actually a nice break from my usual summers in the southern half of the US. There isn’t much rain in Moscow during the summer either so overall the summer weather is quite agreeable. Another great part of summer time? Much like with Edinburgh, you get to enjoy longer days in the summer due to how far north Moscow is versus the much shorter days of winter time.

Top Recommendation: On a sunday day, grab a good book and head over to Gorky Park to soak up the sun and enjoy yourself! While there be sure to indulge in every Russian’s favorite treat: ice cream!

Capri and the Amalfi Coast

Southern Italy is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. I was particularly glad I was there in the summer months as that is the best time to visit!  The weather in Capri and the Amalfi coast during the summer is to die for! Positano may be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and I wish I had been able to spend more time there soaking up the sun. For a slight change from the beachier vibe of Positano, you can head a higher up the mountains to Ravello. Ravello may be smaller, but it affords you breathtaking views of the coast! During the winter, it can be a bit cold up there! The Island of Capri is also a true summer destination. Whether hopping on the ferry for a day trip or spending an extended period on the island, it is breathtaking. The clear blue waters are gorgeous in the summer time and it makes you want to jump right in on a hot day!

Top Recommendation: Try to plan to stay a night or two in one of the Amalfi coast villages rather than doing a day trip there! you will get to enjoy more of what they have to offer you this way!


I have been to Amsterdam twice, once in June and once in late March. When I went in March, it was my second time and I was woefully unprepared for how cold it can be. Amsterdam gets quite cold in the winter time because of all the water surrounding it. This cold weather can put a damper on your exploration. In fact, it was so cold and rainy when I visited that I actually ended nup catching a cold that stuck with me through the remaining 2 weeks of that trip. Instead of just talking about the negatives of visiting in the winter, I also want to mention the positives of visiting in the summer. Nice weather makes bicycling through this bike-friendly city much more enjoyable. Even better, summer is the ideal time to see the tulips the netherlands is famous for!

Top Recommendation: Try to visit the Tulip gardens or some of these other amazing attractions in the city!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer travels! For those in Europe right now–or planning to go soon–I am endlessly jealous! Have fun exploring and I hope you enjoyed these tips!

From on Misguided Millennial to the world, this has been my list of top cities in Europe to visit in the summer!


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