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6 Essentials Tools Every Blogger Needs For Content Planning

I started this blog almost several years ago now and it has changed a lot since then. I have been able to keep up with my blog through grad school, during my post-grad job search, and now working full-time and the reason for that is the amazing tools available to bloggers everywhere! I have mostly used trial and error to find out which things I do or don’t need to help me and now I am sharing my favorite tools with you all! Whether you are an established blogger or just starting out, be sure you are using these essential tools to maintain consistency and ensure you are able to focus on the most important part of blogging: sharing your content with the world.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via my link I get a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support my blog and provide free content for you! Read my disclosure policy here. 

A Great Hosting Site

My first three years of blogging I did not use a hosting site and that left me with very limited options as a blogger. I didn’t have much control over site design and layout. Also, as I looked into options to monetise my content, most required me to be self-hosted. A little over a year ago I switched to self-hosted WordPress on SiteGround and never looked back. I now have full control and ownership over my site and can do so much more with it. I highly recommend becoming self-hosted if you aren’t already. I also highly recommend SiteGround as they are inexpensive and have AMAZING customer services

Tailwind Pin Scheduler

Tailwind is hands down the best tool in my blogging toolbelt. For those that don’t know, Tailwind is the only pinterest-approved pin scheduler that lets you schedule your pins in advance and then pins through the day for you. Its super useful because it lets you remain active on Pinterest throughout the day without you constantly having to be on your phone. Tailwind is a lifesaver and you can even schedule Instagram posts with it too! I recommend it to ever blogger I know and if you aren’t using it yet you need to be! Also, if you sign up with this link you get $15 off! That equates to a free month! So sign up here and save yourself a ton of time while growing your blog.

The Content Planner

The Content planner by Kat Gaskin is absolutely incredible! It has everything a blogger needs to stay organized. You can plan out all your content strategies for the whole year, organize it in a personalized way and it looks cute too! I first started using a content planner recently and it has changed the game! I am able to plot my content ideas, plan my instagram and think through all the posts that I want to make and how to sequence them. My favorite part is that it is undated so you can fill in the dates as you go and if you take a break for any reason, you can just start where you left off without wasting space in a planner! To me, the content planner is number 1 on the list of tools every blogger needs!

Lightroom Photo Editor

Do you ever wonder why bloggers seem to have the perfect photos with great lighting and bright colors? Or how they create an instagram feed where all their photos have a similar color scheme? They edit them! I love Lightroom because it lets you save your own edits, you can buy filters or just edit on your own, and then have a grid view so you can preview how your feed will look once you publish new content. I have no training in photo editing and have found this super user-friendly. It’s easy to use and also a useful tool. If you are like me and love having access to all kinds of different filters, they even have a subscription option where you have access to thmore features! It’s 100% worth the investment to create the perfect pictures for your blog and social media!

Minimalist desk for blogging


Canva is where I go to create all my pinterest images, blogger banners and more! It has stylish templates that you can adjust to your needs and it makes creating new images super easy. If Graphic Design is not one of your strengths, Canva is here to help. I normally suck at creating images, but with Canva I can create beautiful pinterest images in minutes and it even saves past designs for me so I can create more pins later with the same template!

Mailerlite E-mail List

As a blogger, having an e-mail list should be a high priority. Those who sign up for your e-mail list are your most dedicated readers. They WANT to hear from you and know what’s happening. Managing an e-mail list can seem daunting at first, but with the right tools it can be super easy. For my e-mail list, I use Mailerlite and absolutely love it. You can set up an automatic e-mail for when people first sign-up. Also, you can schedule your e-mails to be timed with when you publish new content. Mailerlite also makes it easy to create e-mails that are both easy to read and appealing to look at. The best part? Mailerlite is complete free up to 1,000 subscribers! So for those bloggers just starting out, this is a great resource that won’t cost anything!

Without these amazing tools, there is no way I could manage this blog while teaching full time. I love all of these and believe these are the tools every blogger needs to stay on top of things!. From one misguided millennial to all the blogger out there, I hope you love these tools as much as I do!

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