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15 Amazing Gifts for Travel Loving Girls

Gift-giving is a true art form and it can be particularly tricky to shop for frequent travellers. I try to keep a running “wishlist” for when people ask what I want for the holidays, but I know many don’t. I have compiled some of my favorite gifts for travel lovers to help make gift-giving a little bit easier. There is a gift for every price point here and for every type of traveller from casual to complete nomad. May the gifting odds be ever in your favor!

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1. Vera Bradley convertible backpack

I am 100% obsessed with this Vera Bradley bag. It’s a duffle, it’s a backpack, and it even has a zip off crossbody! My mom got it for me for my birthday and I am OVERJOYED. It’s the perfect gift for the frequent traveler in your life.

2. Noise Cancelling headphones

Investing in a pair of Beats Studio over ear headphones back in 2015 was one of the best choices I have ever made. The are a godsend when it comes to surviving overnight flights. At the time I bought them, I was in grad school abroad. These were perfect for all the transatlantic travel AND they are still with me on every trip I take.

3. Away Carryon

I bought my dad the Away Bigger Carryon for Christmas and have been envious ever since. I have a few friends that have them and loved them and it’s at the top of my wish list. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the travel lover in your life, this is a great recommendation!

4. A great Travel Pillow

Flights, train rides, and bus trips can all be uncomfortable. A quality travel pillow can make surviving flights much easier and be the difference because being bleary-eyed or all-rested on arrival.

5. Travel Themed Jewelry

I am a sucker for cute travel themed jewelry. It lets you carry a bit of wanderlust with you everywhere you go. Fun jewelry is also a great way to always look cute when traveling. My all-time favorite piece is this map necklace. I also love these earrings, this necklace and pretty much everything else on Modcloth!

6. Portable Charger

Nothing kills a phone battery quite like the endless scrolling as you wait for your next flight, bus, or train. Serious travel calls for a serious portable charger and you can really never own too many of these! Its a great gift for any travel lover!

7. Packing Cubes

For those who love to keep their luggage hyper-organized, packing cubes are a godsend. I love using a variety of shapes and sizes to keep my bag organized and to make it easy for me to find everything I need on a trip.

8. A Lightweight Rain Jacket

Rain is an inevitable part of travel, so a nice lightweight rain jacket is the perfect gift for a frequent traveller! Jackets like this great North Face one are perfect because they are easy to pack and really great at keeping you dry! I have had mine for 7+ years and it’s been everywhere from Hawaii to Russia!

9. The Perfect Travel Shoes

I really love shoes, especially ones that are great for travel. Tieks are hands down the best shoes you can buy a girl that travels frequently. Tieks are compact, comfy and just generally perfect. They carry a big price tag but they are worth every penny!

10. A Map to Track their Travels

I really love walking into someone’s apartment or office and seeing either a scratch-off map or a standard map with pins in it. It’s an instant conversation starter and a fun way to bond with people. I also love being able to share my own travels with people that visit my apartment by having a map of my own!

11. A Cute mug to inspire them

There is just something soothing about sipping your morning coffee from a cute travel-themed mug as you ponder where you want to jet off to next. I also love a good collection of mismatched mugs. Getting mugs as gifts is the perfect way to make your collection have some variety.

12. Books that fuel their wanderlust

Readingis one of my favorite ways to pass the time on a flight or a train ride. It’s also a great way to escape to a new place during those times where you can’t quite afford that flight to Singapore. Some books I have really loved are the Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy and The Lost Girls.

13. The Perfect passport cover and luggage tag set

Passport Covers are a surprisingly controversial topic, but I love having one. It makes it easier to keep track of my passport in my purse. Luggage tags are less controversial and extremely useful so I think we can all agree they are a good gift for frequent travelers. As someone who loves to match, I love a good passport cover and luggage tag matched set! They come in all sorts of fun colors and are the a great gift for the traveler in your life!

14. The Ultimate Power adaptor

I don’t know about everyone else, but for some reason I am always losing my power adaptors. I have bought so many and they seem to grow legs and wander off. The problem is I buy the small ones that are only good for one country. The key is the buy one of the bigger universal adaptors! This way its harder to lose and you only need one for all of your different travels! This is the perfect practical gift for travel!

universal power adaptor

15. Travel Gift cards

None of the gifts above speaking to you? Unsure what colors to get that special traveler in your life? One gift that will never fail: GIFT CARDS! If they use Airbnb when they travel, buy them a gift card for Airbnb. Do they have a favorite airline? GIFT CARD! Always stay at a certain brand of hotel? MORE GIFT CARDS! And if you want to get your gift cards at a discount, there is even a website for that! Some say that gift cards are impersonal, but honestly I love them! They give me more control over my gift and are super useful so if you are stumped, there is no shame in the gift card game.

Buying gifts is always a bit tricky, but I hope this list has helped make it a little easier! The travel loving girl in your life will definitely appreciate these great gifts!

From one Misguided Millennial to the word, happy gifting!


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