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10 Reasons ClassPass is better than a Gym Membership

I have always had love/hate relationship with the gym and working out. Finding the right gym and the right workout can be difficult. I really like to switch up my workouts and try new things. With a traditional gym membership, that can be difficult. That’s why I fell in love with ClassPass! ClassPass lets me try a bunch of classes, workout on my terms and it’s the perfect fitness membership! There are so many great benefits to ClassPass and I think everyone should give it a try!

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1. Variety of Classes

There are so many options for different types of workout classes on ClassPass. From Barre and Yoga to Cycling and CrossFit, there’s something for everyone. I really love that I can try new workouts whenever I want and that I am not stuck with the same five classes my local gym would likely offer. There is also the option to reserve “gym time” at a gym for those days where you just want to do your own thing. ClassPass is perfect if you need to mix things up like me to stay interested in your workout schedule.

2. Cost

Living in New York City, gym memberships can get rather pricey. If you’re like me, it can also be hard to get to the gym with your busy work schedule. ClassPass lets me pick the plan that works with my budget and my schedule.I can change it from month to month as needed and if I don’t use all my class credits, up to 10 roll over to the next month!

3. Schedule Flexibility

With a standard gym membership, you are locked into the class schedule and hours of your gym. Not with ClassPass! Since there are so many participating locations that you can almost always find a class that fits your schedule. You can go to Barre after work on Tuesday and then book gym time on Saturday. It’s all about what you want and tailoring your experience to your needs!

4. See what your friends are doing

I’m the kind of person that works out better when I have a friend with me. I love that ClassPass lets me connect with my friends so we can see what each other are taking. It lets you make plans with friends in a super easy way and gives you an accountability buddy for your workouts!

5. The Perfect Program for Everyone

The thing I love most about ClassPass is definitely that I can make it whatever I need it to be. I can pick my plan, my workouts, and my schedule. It’s the most customizable workout experience I have tried and that’s what makes it great.

6. Use ClassPass when Travelling

As someone that is always on the go, I love that I can take ClassPass with me! Going on a trip to DC for the weekend? You can book classes there! Going to London for the week? You can even use your credits there! I love that ClassPass goes with me when I travel and that time away doesn’t mean I can’t stay healthy!

7. Workout from Anywhere

Can’t find a class that fits your schedule? Rainy and cold outside? Never fear! You can still get your workout in from the comfort of your apartment. Your ClassPass plan comes with access to ClassPass Live, a huge selection of audio and video workouts you can complete anywhere! I love using these on days where I just can’t make it to a class. ClassPass Live is also great when you are running out of credits for classes and don’t want to lose momentum! You can just do some of your workouts from home to save credits!

8. Keep Track of Everything

Workout tracking is just another part of life that ClassPass makes easy. They keep your upcoming classes all in one place, your past classes on your profile and you can even connect your phone’s Health app to make it easier to track calories burned! I love that they save my class history because it makes it easy to go back and book another class at a studio I loved. No writing things down and forgetting them later! ClassPass is like your own personal fitness journal.

9. More than just workout classes

I just very recently discovered that there is an entire selection of “Wellness” services available on ClassPass and I’m hooked! Have some extra credits at the end of the month? Why not treat yourself to a facial? ClassPass makes it easy to use your credits for all kinds of great wellness appointments. You can get a manicure, a facial, or even a blowout using your credits! This is one of my favorite features of ClassPass because it makes it easy to find and book a quick manicure when I need it. It also came in handy when I injured my shoulder right after my plan renewed. I was able to still use my credits for wellness services even though I couldn’t workout at the moment.

10. It makes being Healthy Easy!

ClassPass has been amazing for me in terms of forcing me to actually get up and workout. I love the classes, I love the features, and I love the price. It’s the perfect fitness membership for me and I honestly don’t know if I will ever go back to a traditional gym membership. ClassPass lets me bring the gym with me in more ways than one and holds me accountable to staying healthy.

If you haven’t tried ClassPass yet, be sure to sign up here and get $40 off any plan! And if you have tried it before, five it another chance because they are always adding great new features.

From one Misguided Millennial to the world, I hope you love ClassPass as much as I do!

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