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10 Easy Ways to Build Your Travel Fund

One of the main reasons people give for not travelling is the cost. Flights, hotels, and activities can cause your trip cost to add up quickly and it can make it seem daunting to travel. One of the ways I have made travel possible is through really effective budgeting and saving for my trips. A healthy travel fund lets you book those last minute flights to Hawaii. It also makes it possible to attend your best friend’s wedding in a foreign country. If you have been struggling to grow your travel fund, give these 10 easy tips a try and let me know if thy work as well for you as they have for me!

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Automate your Savings

One of the most effective ways I have saved for trips is through my automated savings account with Qapital. I absolutely love my Qapital savings account because I can set up rules for saving and it does the work for me. I have it set aside a percentage of every paycheck AND a set amount each month. Qapital was a game-changer for me last year when I had a birthday trip to London, a girl’s trip to Hawaii, and a friend’s bachelorette party and wedding all in six months. Plus, I was moving to NYC at the same time! Qapital is truly a godsend for saving and has made saving money so easy for me! If I hadn’t been saving with Qapital, I wouldn’t have been able to go to Hawaii when my sister found a great cheap flight deal! Be sure to sign up for Qapital and see how amazing it is for yourself! And if you sign up and use my code nu5gw262, and we’ll both get $25! Just follow this link and don’t forgot to put in the code!

Pick up a Side Hustle

One of my friends called me the queen of the side hustle and the name definitely fits. One of my favorite side hustles right now is using Swagbucks to earn points for surveys and cashback from shopping! It’s super easy especially if you install their special Extension on your browser to tell you when you can earn cashback! Another great cashback App I use is called Drop. This app lets your link your cards and you earn points for spending money on all the things you normally would(like that trip to Target you just took)! If you sign up here you can earn $5 worth of points once you link your first card! Youcan then redeem those points for gift cards for hotels, airlines and more!

There are a bunch of great side hustles you can use to make money anywhere! One I really love is online tutoring. I have done it in the past for SAT/ACT prep and I also have lots of friends that love VIPKID. VIPKID lets you earn money from anywhere for teaching English! It is the perfect side-hustle since you create your own schedule and they handle almost everything for you!

Be Strategic with Holidays

Gift-giving holidays can be the perfect chance to build up your travel fund. Instead of asking for that new sweater or a pair of sneakers, ask for travel gift cards. I love getting airline giftcards or AirBnB gift cards because I know I can use them on my next trip. This lets me use holidays for future enjoyment, and helps me avoid collecting more stuff that I realistically don’t need. Honestly, gift cards are the perfect gift for travel lovers everywhere!

Sell your old stuff

Whether you just watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix special or are moving apartments soon, I bet you have a pile of stuff in the back of your closet that you want to get rid of. Do yourself a favor and look through it for some items you might be able to sell. Whether you hold an old-fashioned garage sale or choose to sell the clothes you don’t want anymore on Poshmark, there is always a way to make some money of things you don’t need anymore. I love listing clothes I don’t want on Poshmark because I can make some extra cash and it lets me contribute to sustainable fashion practices.

Re-Evaluate your Spending

I am not saying to cut out everything extra from your budget here. I have some non-negotiables like my ClassPass Membership and my FabFitFun subscription that I refuse to cut out of my budget. If you are really trying to save for your travels though, you have to make some sacrifices. For me, I cut out my morning coffee run and took the money that I would have spent on coffee and put it into my Qapital Account. Even small cuts can add up as long as you direct that money to your travel fund and don’t let it get sidetracked!

Meal Prep

Eating out can be a major drain on your finances and there are so many great options for meal prepping! One great option I heard was to try every different meal delivery service. These services always offer a first time discounts and the food is great! I have personally tried Blue Apron before and loved it. This is a great option to save even more money because the discounts are usually amazing! Of course, if you have a lot of dietary restrictions, subscription boxes may not work for you. In that case, even just standard meal prepping will save you a bunch of money! I spend at least $50 less per week when I meal prep than when I don’t. The cost of ordering takeout and grabbing lunch on the go adds up quickly and I highly recommend making a conscious effort to meal prep if you are trying to save money for travel.

Buy Used Items Instead of New

Remember how I mentioned selling old clothes on Poshmark? Well it is also a great place to buy gently used clothes and save a bucket of money! You can get things for less than half their normal price, like gap jeans for $25! I also love that by purchasing gently used instead of new, I am contributing to sustainable fashion practices. Poshmark is a great option for buying things used and saving yourself some serious money! if you sign up with this link and use my code DebbieR3993 you can even get $10 off your first purchase!

Stockpile your Points

I am a huge fan of travel rewards programs, especially the Delta Skymiles Program.My sister calls me a “points-hoarder” because I like to save up all my hotel and airline points to use for one big trip. I will use my Delta Credit Card for almost every purchase possible and rack up points until I can get a free roundtrip flight! Another great travel hack is to sign up for a new card and use the sign-up bonus for your trip! The Delta Amex Sign-up bonus is the equivalent of a domestic roundtrip flight on its own!

Try a Savings Challenge

Saving towards a goal can be a great challenge, but how do you know how to much to save and when? I personally love a good savings challenge as a way to help me increase my savings. I love the structure of these challenges, especially ones that are shorter like a 12 week challenge versus a full year. There are about a million of these challenges on Pinterest and they are super easy to follow. There is something so exciting about completing a challenge that motivates me to save more with these challenges than without the structure. If you have never tried one of these challenges, I hihgly recommend it!

Use a Budgeting App

I wanted to close out with the most obvious tip for saving money: stick to a budget. This doesnt mean you need to never go out or have spend any money. Budgeting just means being conscious of where your money is going. I love using the Mint App to help me with my budget because it lets me link my cards and see where I am overspending. For example, a few months ago I exceeded my budget for Ubers and Lyfts by about $50 because I was being lazy and didn’t want to deal with public transit on multiple occassions. I realized that if I kept at it, I would spend over $600 in excess ubers over the next year, so I cute back. Mint lets you set your budget for different categories and then you can trace how much you are spending. Its a great tool to keep you on track when you are trying to grow your travel fund.

Saving money for travel can be a difficult task, but it is so worth it when you take that trip you have been dying to go on. Having a healthy travel fund is the first step to being able to fulfill your travel dreams.

From one Misguided Millennial to the world, I’m going to go set some new savings goals!


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